Mastering times of crisis successfully

As an entrepreneur you are used to challenges and employees in both smaller and larger companies know that you have to keep improving in order to remain successful in the market. Thus, mastering crises is a very important factor for long-term corporate success. Many starting points arise from the challenges that arise from external circumstances. But the potential of one's own company in particular is an important resource for finding solutions that enable you to remain successful in the future.

The coronavirus has presented all companies with completely new challenges. The pandemic is an unprecedented crisis and it is therefore important to draw individual lessons from the “Corona era”. It is important to realize how proven methods and new approaches to solutions can help to successfully master crises in the future. As part of the FIBO CONGRESS 2021, a current study on the effects of "Corona" on the industry will be presented and numerous examples of success factors that companies have implemented in the pandemic will be presented.

In addition to the crisis, it is the potential that is decisive. The fitness and health industry has various options to position itself even more attractively for many target groups. Both the health benefits of training and the combination of training, nutrition and regeneration play a central role. In addition, targeted organizational development and contemporary marketing offer many starting points. In addition to the general potential of the industry, it is also that of the individual companies and, in the case of service companies, in particular the potential of the employees that are decisive. How a successful positioning for the future succeeds will be a central topic of the FIBO CONGRESS 2021.

The speakers at the FIBO CONGRESS, which will take place on June 24th and 25th, 2021, will take a look at the "Corona time" as well as an important look ahead at the future potential of the industry and companies and interesting perspectives and opportunities reveal.