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Nutrition in professional football - best practice in the BVB youth department

Jola Jaromin-Bowe is a nutrition expert at BVB Jugend and the founder of food coaching GmbH. At FIBO CONGRESS she talks about nutrition in professional football, among other things.

The coaching of professional athletes, individual nutritional therapies, prevention courses as well as health offers in companies and fitness companies are among the focal points of her company.
Since 2015 she has also supported the BVB youth division as a food coach and accompanied the athletes on their way from the U9 to the U23.

What nutritional foundations have to do with individual talent development

In professional sports, optimal nutrition can increase performance by up to 30 percent. Therefore, education and training should begin as early as adolescence.

Best practice of the food coaching concept of the BVB youth department

However, the following questions arise:

How should training be carried out in order to achieve the best possible implementation of the nutritional recommendations? How does the implementation look like in practice?

Jola Jaromin-Bowe explains these and other questions in her lecture at the FIBO CONGRESS!


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